The following document "Monitoring report on measures to improve personalised care for the elderly or people with disabilities", prepared by CECA, AEB and UNACC, includes an introduction, monitoring data as at 30 June 2022 and conclusions.

In February 2022 the banking associations (AEB, CECA and UNACC) signed the update of the "Strategic protocol to reinforce the social and sustainable commitment of the banking sector" (hereinafter, the Protocol), adopted by AEB and CECA in
2021, and with regard to which UNACC has adhered to chapter 5, dedicated to Financial Inclusion.

The purpose of this update was to expand the initiatives implemented by financial institutions with the dual objective of helping to increase the digital skills of their customers through training and to offer alternatives to those who, for various reasons, are not in a position to access the digital society, require a longer adaptation period or simply want more personalised attention. In this context, new measures were adopted, in addition to those already being implemented by the financial institutions themselves, aimed at improving personalised attention for the elderly and the disabled in different aspects such as in-person attention in branches, telephone attention, the adaptation of ATMs, computer applications and websites, and the reinforcement of financial and digital education and fraud prevention for this group of customers.

It also included a commitment to produce a biannual monitoring report on the measures implemented, which we are complying with through the publication of this report. Although this report includes figures for the Spanish financial sector as a whole, the success and responsibility of financial institutions towards this group of customers has been proven in the individual measures implemented.