Our hallmark

At CECA we work on the dissemination and promotion of a new banking model, based on a commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and Obra Social


Represented in CECA are savings banks, banking foundations and credit institutions that can integrate, and maintain the functions and aims that it holds in accordance with the aforementioned regime, and others who are determining their statutes.

The credit institutions associated with CECA are characterised by the so-called 3Rs, which identify all members of the WSBI (The World Savings and Retail Banking Institute):

  • Retail: Focused on the financing of families and SMEs;
  • Responsible: Identified with the Social Projects and Corporate Social Responsibility;
  • Rooted - Rooted in the community: Bound and committed to the areas in which they act.

Credit institutions

Our Board of Directors has representatives from the new credit institutions that emerged out of the process of restructuring, ten banks and two savings banks.

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Both banking and ordinary foundations participate in the Commission of Foundations and Welfare and they attend the General Assembly.

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