The CECA sector, banking committed to society

Sustainability and Obra Social

16 January 2023

What is the role of banking in the sustainable transition?

13 December 2022

Discover the work of banks to bring financial education closer to everyone


10 January 2023

How has digitalisation changed the way we manage our money?


7 March 2023

We explain the progress made in financial inclusion in rural Spain

9 March 2023

Are you aware of the banking sector's commitment towards the elderly?

15 February 2023

Our vocation to serve: we maintain 8.7 million bank books and passbooks

18 December 2022

Committed to promoting and extending financial services to all groups

16 December 2022

Why do banks charge fees?

30 November 2022

How do CECA member entities adapt to the needs of their customers?

15 November 2022

Discover CECA's commitment to all municipalities

8 November 2022

What initiatives are being implemented by the CECA sector in rural areas?

27 June 2022

Humanising money: financial agents make life easier in the emptied Spain

01 June 2022

Goodbye ATMs, hello grocery stores: the way we withdraw cash in rural Spain is changing

11 January 2022

Offices on wheels so that the residents of Nieva can continue to draw their pensions

Further information

07 March 2023

Strategic protocol to reinforce the social and sustainable commitment of the banking sector (update)

07 October 2022

Roadmap to reinforce financial inclusion in rural areas

21 February 2022

Decalogue for personalised customer service for the elderly

3 March 2023

What is the banking sector doing to mitigate the impact of rising interest rates?

1 December 2022

Why do rising interest rates affect variable-rate mortgages?

19 May 2022

Are you familiar with the Financial and Digital Classroom, the financial and digital education platform?

20 July 2022

Banks and the Spanish Postal Service will work together to improve access to cash in rural areas

1 June 2023

CECA and Correos, working together for rural inclusion

12 July 2022

The banking sector reaffirms its commitment to financial inclusion

07 February 2022

Measures to bring banking closer to rural Spain

10 January 2022

Banking transforms itself to promote financial inclusion in the "emptied Spain"

20 June 2023

Customer service is our priority. Commitments to improve the service provided to people over the age of 65