The report drawn up by CECA under the title 'The new map of foundations: from savings banks to foundations' was presented at the 4th Congress of Foundations and Obra Social held on 17 March. The study is the first in-depth assessment of the new landscape of foundations following the approval of Law 26/2013, of 27 December, on savings banks and foundations.

The majority of the foundations analysed focus their activities in one specific geographical area, of an autonomous or even provincial nature. Moreover, in order to address the effects of the crisis, in recent years the entities have concentrated their resources on social support and health care, as well as continuing to promote other areas of action, such as culture, heritage and financial education. Savings banks, banking foundations and other foundations associated with CECA have as their mission a firm commitment to managing Obra Social. All entities aspire to be a springboard for economic development, social progress and the financial inclusion of Spanish society. In 2014, the sector allocated more than €675 million to Obra Social, up from €647 million in 2013.