World Savings Day is celebrated worldwide on 31 October since the 1st International Savings Congress (Milan, 1924), which was convened by the Savings Bank of the Lombard Provinces and brought together savings banks from all over the world, including Spain. At the end of said event, and at the initiative of the first Director General of the International Savings Institute (now the World Savings and Retail Banking Institute - WSBI), this anniversary was established in honour of savings, for its contribution to development and for being considered one of the best practices that help human beings fulfil themselves, achieve goals and ensure a decent future.

The creation of World Savings Day reinforced the importance of promoting and educating in good household financial management in order to achieve a better standard of living. Following the creation of CECA in 1928, its member entities adopted the celebration of World Savings Day from that same year and established in the association's initial Statutes that one of its aims would be to work 'towards the education of all social classes in savings, in the good use and application of individual and collective wealth'. It is almost a century since these Statutes were drafted and this work is more relevant than ever, in what we now call financial education.

Discover in this video by CECA and Funcas how financial education and digitalisation are two levers for inclusion and development with the Ortiz family during World Savings Day.