On 18 April, Julio César Fernández, from the Technological Services Division of CECA, took part in the reading of the 'Manifesto for artificial intelligence committed to people', drawn up by the Internet Day Promotion Committee, and which was officially presented at the CLABE Publishers' Congress with a shared reading by the attendees.

The 18th Publishers' Congress is the most important annual event of the media and journalism sector and this year it was held in Palencia, in a bid to encourage the decentralisation of media companies and the revitalisation of the emptied Spain.

For 2024, the Internet Day Promotion Committee, of which CECA is a member, unanimously approved that this year's slogan should be 'For artificial intelligence committed to people', to serve as a framework upon which to focus the actions and messages of this event. This was why a manifesto was drawn up that includes a ten-step plan to promote access, use and development of artificial intelligence (AI), with the aim of placing people at the core of an increasingly digitalised world.

Our colleague was tasked with reading point 3: Privacy by design and access to the Manifesto's data. This point explains the importance of integrating privacy measures in the initial phase of the development of AI-based products and services, ensuring that data collection and processing are carried out in compliance with data protection regulations.