We are gradually learning more details regarding Financial Education Day 2023, which will be held on Monday 2 October. We already know this year's theme, which focuses on inclusive finance.

Throughout our lives, we all deal with financial concepts, from saving our allowance when we are young to buy something we want, to opening a current account into which our salary is paid, to paying a bill by direct debit, to understanding what it means to take out a loan or plan for our retirement. At every stage of life, financial education will enable us to make decisions about our finances: using money responsibly and managing our personal finances well.

For CECA, its member entities and Funcas, this commitment to society is all the more necessary in the current context, in which financial education has become a key tool for empowering citizens, who must face a changing reality as a result of digitalisation and the uncertainty of recent years.

In this new environment, it is vital to have financially responsible people who can manage their resources in the most efficient manner and who can handle the new digital technologies that are available to them to acquire and improve their knowledge and skills.

CECA's member entities are aware of these needs and through their programmes, they share their experience, knowledge and capillarity throughout the territory, assisting young people, adults and our elderly. With these initiatives, we promote the improvement of financial literacy, which contributes to the stability of the system, financial inclusion and social cohesion.

Discover the activities that CECA's member entities will be organising next week as part of Financial Education Day.