The Spanish Association of Piedad's Mounts (PREIS) has presented today the charity auction ‘Art by the Paz in Ukraine’ in which participate the Fundación Obra Social of Castile-Leon (CATTLE RANCHES), Fundación Ibercaja, the Fundación Unicaja, and the Fundación La Caja de Canarias. These companies have contributed works of different artists of its communities and the Spanish Red Cross will be the one responsible for send the money from the auction to Ukraine. In addition, the CECA has also collaborated with PREIS in this solidarity initiative. The auction begins on 13 May and it will be active until 19 of May in

The presentation has taken place in the press room of CECA, in its representation has been Mónica Malo, director of Communication, External Relations and Sustainability of CECA. The director of Cattle ranches, José María Viejo, has mentioned the reason through which has emerged this solidarity initiative and it has emphasised the altruism of all the artists that they have donated its works for this auction. In the case of Cattle ranches, the artists that they have participated are Angel Luis Iglesias, José of León, Eduardo López Casado, Fran of Gonari, Carlos Luxor, Guillermo Martín Bermejo, Carmen Coque, Ricardo Flecha Barrios, Daniel Pérez Álvarez and Francisco Suárez.

The Managing Director of Fundación Ibercaja, José Luis Rodrigo, has mentioned the commitment of the company with Ukraine and for this auction have contributed some silk-screen printing of the Aragonese painter Ignacio Mayayo, of Popi Bruned and an emptied of the sculptor Pablo Serrano among others works. Fernando Fernández Morales, Managing Director of the Fundación La Caja De Canarias has explained that ‘the commitment of this foundation goes beyond its geographic area and for this reason have been united to this auction’. Teo Table, Antonio Pérez Martín, Félix Reyes, Germán Páez, Manolo Medina and other artists are those which with its art and generosity have donated one of its works.

Manuel García Rojas, Monte Activo's director of the Fundación Unicaja, has mentioned some other initiatives in favour of the Ukrainian village that have developed and has thanked the donations of artists Paco Aguilar, Darko, José Medina Galeote and Paco Lumbreras that with ‘its altruism continue contributing to being able to mitigate damages of Ukraine’war. The chairman de la Cruz Roja Española, Javier Senent, has thanked to PREIS that has chosen to this company to manage the money transfer to Ukraine that it will arrive in a fast and sure’way ‘.

Ramón Alba, chairman of PREIS, has closed the act explaining that this is the first time that the platform of preis auctions is going to auction works of art since is used to auction jewellery. It has explained that the artists have adapted the price of the works so that they are within reach of more pockets. The auction will begin on 13 May on the website