CECA and the Ibercaja Foundation have organised this Wednesday 29 September a conference in Zaragoza on Obra Social, in which they have examined the most relevant initiatives undertaken in this area at a regional level. The event was attended by Mayte Santos, head of the Professional Development Department of the Ibercaja Foundation, and Ona Carbonell, ambassador for CECA's Obra Social.

As Ona Carbonell pointed out during the event, '2020 has been a very hard year for all Spaniards, especially for the most vulnerable groups. In this context, as ambassador for CECA's Obra Social, I am proud to see how CECA's member entities and foundations have focused their efforts on combating the health and social emergency'. As Ona has highlighted, 'in total, assistance and support has been provided to almost 25 million people through the implementation of 49,000 activities'.

Following the impact of the pandemic, all CECA member entities have acted swiftly to reorient and adapt programmes to digital formats, and have reallocated resources with the ultimate goal of supporting society, especially the most needy groups, those at risk of exclusion. In Ona Carbonell's words, in such complicated times, when it is necessary to reach so many people, the CECA sector has shown that 'professionalism, experience and agility in decision-making are fundamental, similar to what happens in sport'.