The President of WSBI, CECA and ”la Caixa” Foundation will chair in the,next years the new Social and Philanthropic Council of the international,institute, whose members already allocate over 2.8 billion dollars to social,action around the world

The creation of the Social and Philanthropic Council represents a step,forward for the WSBI towards a more committed and socially conscious,approach of its members in the global financial landscape

Brussels, December 5, 2023.- Isidro Fainé, President of Spanish banking association CECA and “la,Caixa” Foundation, has been appointed President of the new Social and Philanthropic Council of,the European Savings and Retail Banks Group (ESBG) and the World Savings and Retail Banking,Institute (WSBI), entities of which Fainé is Vice President and President, respectively. Helmut,Schleweis, president of the Association of German Savings Banks, has been appointed honorary,president of the Social and Philanthropic Council. The appointments must be ratified by the,WSBI’s Board of Directors in the coming weeks.

The WSBI, which will celebrate its centenary in 2024, is the largest retail banking association in,the world. The institution was created in Milan in 1924, and currently brings together 96 members from 71 countries and includes 6,400 financial institutions and retail banks, totalling 2.1 million employees and $13.25 trillion in assets.

The new Social and Philanthropic Council was created within the WSBI’s Board of Directors held,in Marrakech last October. The creation represents a step forward for the WSBI and its members,in its strategy towards a more engaged and socially conscious approach to the global financial landscape.

The main functions of the new Council will be to lead and promote social work developed by the,WSBI members, giving visibility to the institution’s social action and reinforcing its role, to,promote the exchange of experiences and knowledge and to promote member cooperation in,order to develop joint initiatives. WSBI members entirely allocate $2.8 billion yearly to social,action and corporate social responsibility around the world.

Also, Foundations linked to banks or savings banks members of WSBI may be part of this Council. This is the case of” la Caixa” Foundation, which will study ways of collaboration with the WSBI,through the Social and Philanthropic Council. On this point,” la Caixa” Foundation will foster new,relationships with other foundations and international organizations, which will join its extensive,network of collaborators.