Today celebrated the 115ª is had CECA's General Assembly, chaired by Isidro Fainé.

The investment in Obra Social of the companies of CECA reached the 778 million euros in 2021, again the private social largest investor in Spain.

The sector has put in motion several measures to tackle the economic crisis and humanitarian caused by the armed conflict in Ukraine.

CECA has celebrated today its 115ª General Assembly, chaired by Isidro Fainé. To the act have attend the banks, savings banks and foundations associated with CECA. The eight credit institution groups to those which represents CECA sum in terms of deposits more than 40 per cent of the Spanish financial system. In addition, CECA groups to 30 banking and ordinary foundations.

During the meeting carried out a balance sheet of the activity of the sector is had in 2021 and has been pondered on challenges of future. The uncertainty continues being high and the risks that they have conditioned the growth in the second middle of 2021, as the evolution of the pandemic, «collars of bottle» in the production of manufacture or the inflation, remain latent and they have emerged other new ones at the beginning of 2022 as it is the armed conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

In this context, the skills of the sector to adapt has been highlighted, develop support mechanisms to the production network and promote the recovery. Isidro Fainé, CECA's chairman, emphasised in the 115ª CECA's General Assembly that “companies of the sector CECA have wanted be part of the retrieval process of the country and we have continued supporting to the company with all our financial resources and human. Nos have become a sort of vaccination against the inequality, against the social exclusion and against the risk of poverty”.

In 2021, just as it has been patent in the Assembly, the companies associated with CECA have focused big part of its efforts in the contribution to the economic recovery. In this way, have followed providing the provision of liquidity and financing to the private sector and they have collaborated in the starting up of measures that they absorb the impact of the different economic shocks in an increasingly complex environment.

The support to Ukraine from the sector

With the aim of contributing to alleviate the provoked humanitarian crisis for the military aggression that it is suffering Ukraine, the sector CECA has returned to demonstrate its assistance skills to the company. Thanks to the deeply social vocation that they share the banks, the savings banks and the foundations that they are part of the sector CECA, and to its coordinate work, have been developed initiatives that pursue respond to the humanitarian needs and economic-financial.

Between the first emphasises provide the fundraising and donations, offer associations and groups platforms to channel the aids, a broad volunteers network to provide support to different NGO, the pickup of essential goods, different events solidarity and the promotion of the reception of Ukrainian refugee' families.

When it comes to the economic measured principals, the efforts are being centred in giving basic fee-paying accounts to the Ukrainian refugees, which them is going to allow the access to the main banking services. In addition, are offered without cost the transfers to Ukraine and Moldova and the use of the ATMs to Ukrainian bank clients.

The sector CECA, again first private social investor in 2021

Today also celebrated the Fee of Foundations is had and Obra Social. It is a statutory and advisory body of the association that gathers to representatives of the banking Foundations and ordinary of the sector. It has participated the chairman of the Economic And social Council in the opening, Antón Coasts, that in its intervention it has emphasised “The Obra Social of CECA is the second pillar of the Welfare state in Spain. An essential pillar for the initiatives promotion and support of the civil society in favour of the most vulnerable groups of our company. That is why, in these pandemic times and war, I want state my support more keen and cheer up to the people responsible for the CECA to maintain and increase his Obra Social».

In 2021, companies of the sector allocated 778 million euros to the activity of Obra Social, which it has situated us again at the top of the private social investment in Spain. With this resource have been carried out more than 51,000 activities that have benefited to more than 25 million people, especially to the most vulnerable groups of our company.

As in previous years the Social Programs (that they group the Social Action and Local Development and Creation of Employment) have received a further investment, more than 416 million euros, 53 per cent of the total investment, that they have promoted to more than 5.3 million payees in activities around welfare programmes, of health and well-being, inclusion, social and voluntary work dining room.

The area of Research and Health (Education and Research) has been placed at second place and it has improved its efficiency. Thus, the 195.1 million euros received (25%), have reached to greater number of payees, almost 10 million people (38.85%). Via these programmes, the companies promote the progress and the innovation with projects of training, education, research and science popularisation and R&D and they promote that our country is placed in the avant garde of the protection of the health and of the advanced biomedical research.

Furthermore, the area of Culture and Science (Culture and Assets) with a resource of 142.2 million euros (12.2%), remains as the most efficient one, exceeding the 8.5 million payees. From its origins are a basic pillar for the Conservation of Historical Heritage and cultural in our country.

Lastly, Education and Grants (that groups Environment and Sport and Leisure) has received more than 24 million euros and 1.6 million payees. Emphasises the promotion of education grants, that they are an efficient instrument of social mobility and promotion of the talent.

The Obra Social in the last 8 years (2014-2021)

Since was approved in 2013 the Act of Savings Banks and Foundations Banking, the Obra Social of the CECA companies has invested 6,172 million euros, with which carried out are had more than 776,500 activities.

The stable legal framework and the surrounding area to needs of the community has promoted that in these last eight years the Social Programs (that they group Social Action, Local Development and Creation of Employment) have received the most part of the resources, more than 3,381 million euros (54.7%).

By groups, between 2014 and 2021 have been dedicated more than 1,526 million euros for people under 25 years old, approximately 1,000 million euros to people at risk of exclusion, 452 million euros to older people, 383 million euros to people with special needs and almost 200 million euros to 8.6 million entrepreneurs.