CECA's member entities, which are bound by the Collective Bargaining Agreement for Savings Banks and Financial Institutions, reached an agreement today with the sector's trade union representatives to offset the impact of the CPI increase. The aforesaid agreement provides for the creation of a new salary concept that is integrated into the collective bargaining agreement on a recurring basis. It is equivalent to 4.25% of the base salary as per the collective bargaining agreement with a minimum of €1,000 for all workers and is in addition to the increase already provided for in the prevailing collective bargaining agreement.

The increase is in line with the solutions implemented by the rest of the sector and other branches of activity to help their employees compensate for the effect of inflation.

The labour agreement will apply to the more than 55,000 employees of CaixaBank, Abanca, Unicaja Banco, Ibercaja Banco, Caixa Ontinyent, Colonya Pollença and Cecabank, and has been reached with more than 75% of the union representation, held by the FINE, CCOO and UGT trade unions.