The AEB associations, CECA and UNACC reassert its commitment with the training in the management of personal finances and the acquisition of digital responsibilities with an unknown initiative

The new page website collects the witness of the Strategic Protocol to Strengthen the Social and Sustainable Commitment of the Banking, and is presented to provide the access to the training activities of the banking companies and associations

The Spanish Banking Association (AEB), the CECA and the National Credit cooperatives Union (UNACC) have presented today the new platform website “Financial and Digital”Classroom. This page is born with the aim of providing the access to the knowledge and the abilities that they allow to all the people take decisions on its finances with a greater degree of information, operate in all the available environments and service channels and make good use of the available tools to improve its financial health.

“Financial and Digital” classroom offers to the users all the contents, courses and programmes put in motion for the financial institutions and its representative associations with regard to financial and digital education, with the aim of doing more understandable the economic concepts and provide the knowledge of the service channels and online procedures. It is a key tool to contribute to the improvement in the management of the personal finances and the adjustment to the digitisation of the company in all the fields, intensified by the pandemic.

The presentation of this new platform website, that it has taken place in the headquarters of CUNEF in Madrid, has told in its inauguration with Fernando Tejada, director of the Department of Conduct of Credit institutions of the Banco de España, Raquel García Alcubilla, director of the Department of Strategy, Innovation and Finances Sustainable of the CNMV. Both have emphasised the commitment with the financial education of the sector and, specifically, out of the two organisations with the Financial Education plan, that from 2008, comes spreading low activities the brand “Finances For Everyone».

Below, in the presentation of the website, has intervened María Abascal, Public's director Policy of AEB, who has stated that “Financial and Digital” Classroom is born of a conviction that has the banking sector: “the financial education is a very powerful tool that it can improve our life. That is why we want put her for free at the disposal of all the people and improve the training of the set of one the company”. Furthermore, Antonio Romero, corporate director of Associative Services and CECA's Resources, has pointed out the transcendence of the digital transformation, to that which no sector is foreign, and the vocation of banking organisations of “helping to the people to being able to add to the changes with all its skills”, emphasising that «the digital connectivity, in addition to a challenge, is also an opportunity in accessibility and inclusion”terms. Finally, Cristina Freijanes, general secretary for UNACC, has highlighted that “Financial and Digital” Classroom is an “only initiative that visibiliza the commitment of everything the financial sector to contribute to the improvement of the financial education and digital”. The close of the event was the responsibility of Pablo of Ramón-hairspray, Managing Director of the Treasure and Financial Policy.

“Financial and Digital” classroom is a dynamic website, informative and multimedia, that adds news on financial and digital education in Spain, audiovisual contents developed by the participating companies in the platform and indicators on the commitment of the sector. Following on from this, the aggregate data of AEB and CECA corresponding to 2020 show that, of the more than 4,000 initiatives developed by the sector in financial and digital education, 40% has been in person, which is translated in 567,000 direct payees. In addition, “Financial and Digital” Classroom is interactive, since adds two types of training initiative search engines; and intuitive, then offers two types of classifications, according to the subject matter that it interests to the user, or according to the group to that which addresses every initiative.

This website is, all in all, an expression of the commitment of the sector with the financial and digital training, that comes developing for several years and is collected expressly in the Strategic Protocol to Strengthen the Social and Sustainable Commitment of the Banking.