AEB, CECA and Unacc renew their commitment to provide financial literacy training and digital channel skills, with new initiatives in 'Aula Financiera y Digital', following its first year of operation

The three banking associations were honoured in 2022 with the "Finanzas para Todos" (Finance for All) award of the Financial Education Plan, promoted by the Bank of Spain, the CNMV and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, for the digital platform that brings together the main training initiatives in financial literacy and digital skills promoted by the sector, of which 55% are workshops, conferences or training seminars, and 40% are developed in face-to-face format

The first year of operation of 'Aula Financiera y Digital', the training platform promoted by the Spanish Banking Association (AEB), CECA and the National Union of Credit Cooperatives (Unacc), shows that initiatives related to savings and those geared towards young people and teenagers attract the greatest interest in visits to the website.

In particular, programmes on savings represent 44% of enquiries, while digitalisation-related topics account for one in four visits. By groups, the options targeting teenagers and young people have motivated three out of four enquiries of the initiatives targeting specific population groups.

The website, which is renewing its training offer on its first anniversary, includes the sector's most important financial and digital education initiatives, of which more than half (55%) are workshops, conferences or seminars, and 40% have been conducted in face-to-face format. It should be noted that more than 245,000 customers over the age of 65 have received financial and digital training, as stated in the Annual monitoring report on the measures designed to improve the personalised attention provided to the elderly.

The contents of 'Aula Financiera y Digital' respond to the needs and interests of the population, and are classified into 14 topics of interest, including digitalisation, cybersecurity, savings and investments, as well as seven differentiated groups, including people over the age of 65, people with disabilities, young people and teenagers, and people at risk of exclusion.

For 'Aula Financiera y Digital', launched in May 2022, the three banking associations (AEB, CECA and Unacc) were awarded on 3 October the "Finanzas para Todos" award of the Financial Education Plan, promoted by the Bank of Spain, the National Securities Market Commission and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, and which commends the dedication and commitment of the banking sector in the field of financial education.

The promoting associations, AEB, CECA and Unacc, have been working for some time now to promote public access to knowledge and skills to make economic concepts more understandable and to facilitate more informed and independent financial decision-making, in line with the commitments undertaken in the Strategic Protocol to reinforce the social and sustainable commitment of the banking sector.

The latest available figures, aggregated data for 2021, reveal that the banking sector's commitment to financial and digital literacy has been translated into 3,836 activities and 38 million online accesses.

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