The meeting supported by CECA are promoted for Model of Economic Institution (MEI), a non-profit organisation set up by undergraduates that has the objective of promoting the knowledge of the economy and the international financial institutions between the university community. To continue with its mission, from 2 to 5 November are developing in Madrid a simulation of economic and financial institutions to overall level, as the World Bank or the OECD.

The participants, more than 100 between Spanish students, European and of the rest of the world, they owe defend the posture of its respective delegations when dealing with the topics that are discussed, that they will be on up-to-date issues as the criptomonedas or the worldwide economic recovery poscovid. All of this, using the system of debate MUN (United Nations's Model), reinvented and concentrating on the economy.

The event yesterday began with the pickup of accreditations and the ceremony of inauguration, that it took place in the headquarters of CECA. To her attended Mónica Malo, director of Communication-relationships External and CECA's Sustainability; Javier Rodríguez Pellitero, AEB general secretary for (Spanish Banking Association); Jaime Herrero, general vicesecretary of the Banco de España; and Carlos Gómez Arnemann, chairman of BETA Europe. The four organisations collaborate with MEI.

Mónica Malo emphasised that “initiatives as this are an opportunity to create reflection debate forums and spaces and disclosure with which bring closer our sector a the youngest ones ”, and it added that “the education is any company's base, but is significant that the young not only they acquire regulated but also abilities knowledge and skills that they allow them take decisions with criterion”.

Lucia Priego, Managing Director of MEI 2021, ensured that «MEI 2021 supposes a tipping point in the world of the university simulations; it is a pioneering event in the world that it expects to promote the economic and financial knowledge, and its relationship with the political outlook and social international”.

Below, was celebrated MEI Forum, a round table where experts and professionals of the institutional financial world and economic shared its knowledge with the participants of MEI 2021. The official topic of this year went And now what? COVID & Economic Institutions.

The debates of MEI 2021 take place today and tomorrow. To end, on the 5th the closing ceremony will be celebrated in the Banco de España, to that which will attend managers of the institution, as well as of the rest of ones collaborating with MEI 2021, among which they appear ASESP (Parliamentary Simulation Student Union, of the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid), IMUNA (International Partnerships of Models of United Nations, partners with the United Nations Public Information department in the city of New York) and BETA (Bringing Europeans Together Association).