Out of a total of 72 initiatives submitted in more than ten categories, 22 received an award at the event held at CECA's head offices

Investment in Obra Social by CECA's member entities totalled €778 million in 2021, making it the largest private social investor in Spain for yet another year

During the period 2020-2021, a total of €4.29 million has been invested in financial education, of which €3.025 million correspond to the 'Funcas Educa Programme'

Today, Ona Carbonell presented the winning initiatives at the CECA Obra Social and Financial Education Awards 2021, held at the association's head office. Once again this year, the event gives a voice to all those projects that contribute to improving the well-being of society through the work undertaken by the credit institutions associated with CECA and its foundations. With a total of 72 nominations, 22 awards were presented in ten categories and two special awards. Jury members include representatives from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Bank of Spain, the National Securities Market Commission, Fundación Lealtad, Spainsif, FUNCAS and El Confidencial.

In the field of Obra Social, the categories eligible for awards included Social Action, Culture and Heritage, Sport and Leisure, Local Development and Job Creation, Education and Research, and Environment. In the field of Financial Education, the categories covered were Adults (26-65 years of age), Entrepreneurs, Seniors (65+), and Children and Young People (0-25 years of age). A special award was also presented in each field: Special Jury Award for Obra Social and Special Jury Award for Financial Education.

During the event, Ona Carbonell emphasised that: "The work of all these institutions and their efforts to implement these projects has a significant positive impact on society, and I am proud to be CECA's Obra Social and Financial Education Ambassador, and also to be able to collaborate here today in giving visibility to and rewarding all the people behind these great initiatives".

Juan Carlos López, Head of Sustainability, Obra Social and Financial Education at CECA, highlighted the importance of the projects presented by the entities in the CECA sector, explaining that "Obra Social continues to be of vital importance as an irreplaceable lever for social, cultural and economic development, especially for the most vulnerable groups", to which he added that: "Financial education is a great key tool to improve inclusion, thus promoting the well-being of society".

Marta Arce, a high performance athlete, whose visual impairment has not prevented her from competing in the sport that is her passion, judo, and winning medals in three editions of the Paralympic Games, attended the event. The Paralympic judoka gave an inspiring talk in which she explained her love of sport and life, highlighting the importance of inclusive sport and emphasising the values of adaptation and self-improvement.

Initiatives honoured

Obra Social Category

Social Action

1Main Award. Fundación Ibercaja. Project: Cycle of conferences on child and adolescent mental health

2nd Prize. Fundación “la Caixa”. Project: No Household without food

Culture and Heritage

1Main Award. Fundación “la Caixa”. Project: Symphony

2nd Prize. Fundación Montemadrid. Project: Restoration of the tower of the Alcántara Bridge, Toledo

Sport and leisure

1Main Award. Fundación CajaCanarias. Project: Chess and Athletics Schools Programme

2nd Prize. Fundación Ávila. Project: Venero Claro Project

Local Development and Job Creation

1Main Award. Fundación Caja Extremadura. Project: Social Challenge

2nd Prize. Fundación Ibercaja. Project: Dare to Jump

Education and Research

1Main Award. Fundación Unicaja. Project: Prevention and early detection of relapse in breast cancer patients using blood samples

2nd Prize. Fundación Montemadrid. Project: Schooling of students from Cañada Real in the Second Cycle of Pre-school Education. 2021/2022 Academic year


1Main Award. Fundación Mediterráneo. Project: Green employment courses as a result of the "Diagnosis on climate change and employment opportunities in Alicante"

2nd Prize. Fundación Caja Extremadura. Project: "El Salugral" Environmental Education Centre

Special Jury Award for Obra Social.

Fundación “la Caixa”. Project: Programme of Grants for Social Initiative Projects

Financial Education Category

Adults (26-65 years of age)

1Main Award. Fundación Montemadrid. Project: Financial education for empowerment

2nd Prize. CaixaBank. Project: Much to be Done


1Main Award. Fundación Caja Extremadura. Project: Sámara Emprende

2nd Prize. CaixaBank. Project: CaixaBankLab Campus

Seniors (65+)

1Main Award. Fundación Vital. Project: Digitalisation of the Álava area

2nd Prize. Fundación Ibercaja. Project: Mobile classrooms, rural routes

Children and Young People (0-25 years of age)

1Main Award. ABANCA/Afundación Obra Social ABANCA. Project: Financial Grand Prix. The crazy adventure of saving.

2nd Prize. Fundación Cajasol. Project: Do the numbers add up?

Special Jury Award for Financial Education

Edufinet. Project: 13th Financial Education Conference for Young People and 13th Financial Olympiad

Obra Social

In line with its century-long commitment to contributing to the well-being of society, investment in Obra Social by CECA's member entities totalled €778 million in 2021, making it once again the largest private social investor in Spain. With this endowment, more than 51,000 activities have been conducted, benefiting more than 25 million people, especially the most vulnerable groups in our society, who are the ones most in need of help.

As in previous years, activities have been developed in relation to assistance, health and welfare, inclusion, social kitchens and volunteering programmes, within the framework of the Social Action area, for which more than €321 million have been earmarked. Training, education, research, scientific dissemination and R&D projects have also been launched through the Education and Research area, with an investment of more than €195 million in 2021. Moreover, the Culture and Heritage area has exceeded 8.5 million beneficiaries in its aim to conserve the historical and cultural heritage in our country. On the other hand, Obra Social continues to support the productive fabric and the development of the territories where it is present, with programmes for local development, support for the business fabric, promotion of employment and entrepreneurship, among others, within the area of Local Development and Job Creation, endowed with more than €95 million in the last financial year.

Financial Education

During the 2020-2021 academic year, the total investment in Financial Education programmes amounted to €4.29 million, of which €3.025 million corresponded to the "Funcas Educa Programme", thanks to which almost 8,000 activities were implemented.

In addition, in December 2021, CECA launched the on-line Financial Education for Athletes course. The initiative has the support of Ona Carbonell, Olympic swimmer and CECA's Obra Social and Financial Education Ambassador, and numerous sports federations, and more than 500 athletes have already registered. The goal of the project is for athletes to learn how to manage their personal finances during their active time in sport and also to be able to plan correctly for their retirement. Among the different sports federations and entities that have adhered to the course are the Higher Sports Council (CSD), the Royal Spanish Swimming Federation, the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation and, recently, the Spanish Sports Association (ADESP).