The Internet Day Promotion Committee, of which CECA is a member, presented the Manifesto to facilitate access to and use of digital technologies by the elderly at the 16th CLABE Publishers' Congress on 17 March. The manifesto is one of the main activities taking place on the occasion of World Internet Day on 17 May. The central theme chosen for the 2022 edition is "Internet and digital technologies for the elderly and healthy ageing". The aim of this edition is to highlight the importance of the Internet and new technologies as a fundamental tool to help achieve healthy ageing, giving the elderly the role and visibility they deserve in society.

Julio César Fernández Ramos, Director of Business Development and Operations Support at CECA, participated in the CLABE Congress by reading part of the context of the manifesto: "the choice of digital technologies from a human perspective, taking into account the #PersonasMayores group, will contribute to their empowerment as citizens, to their personal development, to improving their daily lives and to a healthier ageing. This, in turn, makes us all better as a society".

From the CECA sector, as members of the Internet Day Promotion Committee, we endorse and support this manifesto.