With the collaboration of AEB, CECA, Unacc and ASNEF, a series of spots will be broadcast on TV, radio and social media to help identify and prevent cyberattacks.

In October, cybersecurity month, and following the celebration of Financial Education Day focused on "Education for safer finances", Levanta la Cabeza is launching a new campaign to raise awareness in society on digital security focused on preventing and avoiding cyberscams. This will be done through a series of spots that will be broadcast on the Atresmedia Group's TV, radio and social media channels, which will particularly focus on identifying communications that contribute to attempts to defraud users through digital media.

This campaign seeks to reinforce the digital security of users who may be attacked through different techniques such as 'phishing' or 'smishing', which arrive via email, SMS or instant messaging to steal information by sending a link that redirects to a fraudulent site where the user gives up their passwords; 'vishing', by means of misleading calls that seek to persuade customers to hand over their login credentials or personal data or even request that they install remote control software on the customer's equipment, or 'QRshing' which, through QR codes when scanned, redirects to a fraudulent website from which confidential information can be collected.

'Malware', on the other hand, is malicious code that infects the device and may be camouflaged within a file or installed via an illicit application. These attacks are widely industrialised to obtain sensitive information intended for fraudulent transactions.

With the collaboration of the financial sector associations - AEB (Spanish Banking Association), CECA, Unacc (National Union of Credit Cooperatives) and ASNEF (National Association of Financial Credit Institutions) - this initiative seeks to make users aware of the different forms of cybercrime so that, with simple and practical advice, they can avoid them. The channels provided by financial institutions are secure (official website, banking Apps, telephones) and must always be accessed through official sites, never through links received in messages, which is why attention must be paid to all incoming communications. Thus, this Atresmedia initiative places emphasis on the use of the official channels provided by the financial institutions (websites, apps, telephones, etc.) to carry out communications and transactions securely.

It is essential that customers themselves be prepared to detect false communications and take action to avoid compromising their personal information, so attention should be paid to all incoming communications. Levanta la Cabeza seeks to encourage secure behaviour by following some basic advice when receiving a communication, even if it appears to originate from a bank.

Raising public awareness regarding cybersecurity practices is important in a society where a large number of users of financial institutions engage in operations and transactions involving highly sensitive data via websites and Apps. To this end, you should be suspicious of any communication requesting confidential data such as login credentials or passwords, or involving urgency. In these cases, it is necessary to ignore the communication and use the official telephone numbers and websites, go to a branch or request information through their App to check the veracity of these requests.

How to act in the event of a potential cyberattack

To avoid becoming a victim of a cyberattack, users should always keep in mind a number of warnings. Financial institutions will never ask for credit card access codes, numbering and CVCs, or security codes used for signing transactions or other confidential data via a phone call, email or instant messaging. If the communication looks suspicious, do not click on any links or download attachments, as they may contain 'malware' and infect your device. If you have any doubts, you should interrupt the communication and contact the bank through the official channels.

Similarly, when the customer believes that they have been the victim of any misappropriation of information or money, they should immediately contact the bank to mitigate the potential consequences as much as possible. It is important that you report the incident as soon as possible to the relevant authorities.

All this content will also be disseminated on Atresmedia's social media and on the Levanta la cabeza profiles on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, as well as on this website, conceived as an open, collaborative and benchmark platform for digital transformation.