Together with the athletes Pablo Villalobos and Natalia Sánchez, CECA presents the project of Financial Education for Athletes, with the support of the National Sports Council.

Lto dropped out of the elite is one of the moments more difficult for the athletes, that they confront times to an uncertain future after dedication and success years sport.

During the last few days, the player of basketball Laia Palau, the pilot of skeleton Ander Mirambell or the player of rugby Patricia García have announced its good-bye, but now the athletes have more resources and training to face a vital new era with solvency and calm.

As part of that training, numerous athletes have sued financial knowledge, a request that the companies associated with CECA (CaixaBank, Kutxabank and Cajasur Bank, Abanca, Unicaja Bank, Ibercaja Bank, Caixa Ontinyent, Colonya Pollença and Cecabank) has developed via a Financial Education project, boosted by the swimmer Ona Carbonell, ambassador of the Obra Social and Financial Education of CECA, and with the support of the National Sports Council, via its Attention Programme to the Athlete of Tall Level (PROAD).

«Ona Carbonell, as an ambassador of CECA, was worried for this topic because it has lived it in first person, also together with its partners», Margarita explains Castañeda, CECA's head of communication. «Nos seemed very interesting because it is a need that was not cover. It is an online course so that the athlete can combine it with its trainings and it can do it in its free time. And it has had very good reception. The financial education is a vital subject for everyone because throughout the life go emerging situations in which it is necessary to adopt decisions and is significant to have that knowledge».

Thus, more than 500 athletes of different federations have been pointed out to this online course of 15 hours in which suitable and own contents are offered for the athlete, such as topics of taxation, of the mutual society of athletes, of grants… «The course combines working knowledges with specific topics for them», explains Castañeda.

Because the objective of the project is not only that the athletes learn to manage its personal and incomes finances during its active phase in the sport but instead that they can assess and ponder on the day later, the moment of the retreat.

Thus it testifies the athlete Pablo Villalobos, one of the athletes that has carried out the course and that also works in the PROAD. «It was a very necessary»content, ensures. «It is a very adapted course in its content for the athletes, that speaking on grants, aids… Allows having a horizon to plan financially your career until your sport retreat. It is a content that calls the attention to the athletes because they know that it are going to use in time to day».

Additionally Natalia Sánchez, pitcher of hammer, has carried out that training, that qualifies of essential in its career. «It is a flexible course, that it do when you have time. Explains very close way contents. There are forums in which also you solve doubts and is very practical», the athlete ensures, that emphasises in the calm that you contribute this type of training. «You already know how manage your incomes and that is very positive» .This initiative has the support of PROAD, that saw that there was a demand between the athletes on financial knowledge. «From the PROAD, believe that any appeal or content that it can be used by the athletes to maximise the optimisation of the financial resources was ideal», Diego Barrio explains, Department chief of the PROAD, in the CSD. «We accompany to the high-level athletes during its sport career, with training advice and resources and employment. We do a work a la carte, according to the needs of each athlete».