José María Méndez, CEO of CECA, attended the presentation of the study 'Bancassurance. The importance of a continuously evolving channel', held on Tuesday, 5 March, at Caixabank's All in One venue.

This report was prepared by the Foundation of the Spanish Institute of Analysts and the Association for the Insurance Mediation of Financial Institutions (Amaef). The objective of the study was to explore in greater depth the strategic relevance of bancassurance and to reveal the key role it plays in protecting citizens.

'Thanks to the bancassurance channel, customers have a greater chance of contracting insurance products through a distributor that has a comprehensive understanding of their financial situation and savings capacity. Furthermore, the bancassurance channel's continuous contact with customers allows the offer to be adapted in terms of protection and savings to the life cycle', said José María Méndez.

The study concluded by looking at the challenges facing bancassurance and its strengths, such as Know Your Customers (KYC) processes, fraud prevention and anti-money laundering.