The 1st Silver Economy Forum, organised by Invertia and El Español, will be held on 21 December in Madrid at Fundación Bertelsmann.

This conference will bring together several specialists from the financial sector, who will reflect on issues such as the role of banking in the lives of the elderly, the future of complementary social welfare schemes, senior talent and the digital divide, or the healthcare sector and retirement homes for the elderly.

Alberto Aza, spokesperson for CECA, will be a speaker at one of the panels scheduled for the event, entitled "The role of banking in the lives of the elderly". He will be accompanied by Jesús Morales Castro, Director of Business Development and Technology in Financial Services at Minsait, María Abascal, Managing Director of the Spanish Banking Association (AEB), and Álvaro Fernández Arrieta, Managing Director of Capital Group.

The event can be watched on-line on the websites of El Español and Invertia.