Social Housing Fund

The companies associated with CECA contribute more than 50% of the properties in the Social Housing Fund

The Social Housing Fund (FSV) was created on 17 January 2013 to fulfil the real decree-law 27/2012, of 15 November, of urgent measures to increase protection for mortgage holders, for which the Government was depended on to create a Social Housing Fund.
CECA participates in the Comisión de Coordinación y Seguimiento of the FSV on behalf of the sector.
On 14 September 2015 the companies signed a document of extension of the Agreement by means of which they contributed 3,974 additional houses to the Social Housing Fund.
After this extension financial institutions will have donated to the FSV a total of 9,866 houses so that they can be rented at reduced rates to families in a situation of special need, 62% of which have been contributed by the companies associated with CECA.

Housing included in the FSV by companies associated with CECA.

Individual contribution of each company associated with CECA

Number of housing
Information 2015

More information on the Social Housing Fund

Besides the information that every company provides individually, the Imserso also provides detailed information on:

Requirements for accessing housing. Conditions of the rent and presentation of applications

The companies associated with the agreement and that have contributed housing.

Housing offered by the different companies classified by Autonomous Community, provinces and municipalities, with indication of the company to which they belong.

Municipalities that are signatories of the Agreement that must issue a report on the applications written and provide additional orientation.