Cybersecurity campaign from the financial sector and "Levanta la Cabeza" (Raise your head)

Do you know what phishing is? It is an email scam used by cybercriminals to steal your data and your money.
In this video you can see how it works:

Here are some tips to avoid becoming a victim of phishing:

  • Verify who sent the email. Cybercriminals use different techniques to impersonate official bodies; however, they sometimes neglect certain details that give them away. For example, e-mail addresses that are not the official addresses of the bodies.
  • Always install applications from official sites such as Google Play or Apple's App Store, where you will always find your bank's verified official applications. In addition, these sites are equipped with security systems and filters to ensure that no operator makes fraudulent applications available to its customers.
  • Finally, never share your confidential data. If, when you receive an email of this type, you are asked at some point in the process to provide your passwords, access codes or bank card details, beware, it is a scam! Contact your bank immediately through its official channels to report it and, if appropriate, also contact law enforcement officials.

This is the third spot launched by the associations AEB, CECA, Unacc and ASNEF as part of the cybersecurity campaign launched in October in collaboration with Levanta la Cabeza (Atresmedia), the objective of which is to reinforce the digital security of all users.