According to the National Cybersecurity Observatory (OSIC - Observatorio Nacional de Ciberseguridad), in 2021, some 71% of internet users suffered a cyberscam attempt and 14.9% received communications purporting to be from their bank.

Identifying and preventing these attacks is the best way to fight cyberfraud. This is the aim of the new campaign by the financial sector and Levanta la Cabeza (Raise your Head), to raise awareness and spread the word about the social engineering practices used by cybercriminals. The spot focuses on vishing, a technique whereby cybercriminals call their victims posing as their bank in order to obtain confidential data such as passwords or details concerning their codes card.

The AEB, CECA, Unacc and ASNEF - the banking associations participating in the campaign - insist that banks will never ask for confidential data via phone calls or messages: "Your data are confidential, do not share them." If a user has received a suspicious communication, they should contact their bank through the official channels: call the customer service telephone number, contact the official website or visit a branch.

With this new campaign, Levanta la Cabeza continues with its mission to promote safe, responsible and universal digitalisation.