Interview to Ona Carbonell, ambassador of the Obra Social CECA that us speaking of its collaboration with the company whose objective is give voice to the securities of the Obra Social whose direct impact redounds in the groups more vulnerable. Ona Carbonell does mention to the various initiatives of the Obra Social in which participates.

How is your collaboration and involvement at the Obra Social of CECA?

They have happened two years and middle since I initiated my collaboration with CECA with the aim of giving voice to the securities of the Obra Social and its commitment to society. I have been able to during this time know in great depth how all the stock that they are carried out from the companies associated with CECA have a direct impact on the citizens and especially on the most vulnerable groups. Only in 2021 were completed almost 52,000 activities that benefited to more than 25 million people. This impact is, also, double, because on one hand are the citizens those which do possible the programmes through voluntary works, professionals, NGO and social entities, and for another are also the benefited from all the projects that are made.

My objective is contribute to bring over the Obra Social to the greater number of possible people. I believe that it is fundamental to contribute and give him great visibility and voice to all these projects and involved companies. Thus we achieve that all the ones interested in any initiative receive information and they can benefit from the same, ampliflying thus the positive impact of the projects to the greater number of possible citizens.

Nos can tell different social projects in which participate?

Currently are carrying out numerous projects to give visibility to the Obra Social.

During this month of May have been in the Isla of Cortegada with Afundación and Abanca, participating in the neatness of the beaches, for example, together with a group of volunteers. Additionally am very concerned in the course of Financial Education with Athletes promoted by CECA, that it is a very interesting project and, in my opinion, completely necessary, and, of course, this year will turn around to celebrate the Prizes of Work and Stock Memberl led by the Association. Besides this, surely in which is of year carry out one another stock that, for the time being, prefer not reveal.

What project would emphasise of all those which collaborate?

For evident reasons, have a special fondness to the project of Financial Education with athletes, in which have been very involved from the beginning and that emerges of a conversation with CECA in the beginnings of my involvement with the Project on the need of improving the knowledge of the finances of our group. I believe that it is fundamental to give tools to the athletes, that often have a relatively short career and therefore they have learn to manage its finances when are in many cases very young.

That is why I believe that we can help to many young people in a key stage of its career and when it got started memory that I remarked that there is an actual need of giving this type of training. Starting from the base of cases as that one of Delonte West, star of the NBA that it finished completely ruined, understand as a need the direct and form to athletes, that you usually not know very relevant information on how manage its finances and that they will live a difficult moment when step aside. And also have cases between national athletes. I believe that the course is having in fact very good reception.

It is fundamental that the women have a visibility and influence in social financial activities?

Of course, he owe be a question that nor we questioned us. We have work in an active way to achieve the equal opportunities, whether it is in financial activities, social, in the world of the sport or in any other field. It is evident that the situation has changed, but is a lot of path for touring; have achieve that the visibility of all is egalitarian.

Which are future challenges and challenges of your involvement in the Work and CECA Social Action?

You would like me continue as an ambassador helping to give visibility to the activities and events that are driven from the Obra Social of CECA, because I believe real that thus I can help to that the message arrives at the greater number of possible people. I believe also that it is necessary to put a special focus in the groups more vulnerable so that everything anyone who needs it knows of the existence of the programmes and it can benefit from it, because the ultimate aim of the Obra Social is be of usefulness and assistance especially to the most vulnerable people.

And also believe that it is significant visibilizar the major work of all the professionals and volunteers that they do possible that the Obra Social is which is, that it is not little. In fact, is the first social investor private in Spain, which means that after the State and its social policies, the companies that they are part of CECA are had become the largest investor in social actions . Therefore, the Obra Social is one of the principal operators in promoting the social inclusion.