Work Relations

After the integration of ACARL (Savings Bank' Association for Work Relations) in CECA, this holds the employers' condition of all the companies linked to the Collective agreement for saving savings banks and financial institutions.

On 3 December 2020, was published in the Official State Gazette, the collective agreement for the years 2019 to 2023, has been proceeded to the signature of a collective agreement that combines in an only document all the previous collective agreements that maintained its validity.

The 2019-2023 collective bargaining agreement was the first state-wide sectoral agreement to regulate telework and digital disconnection.

Areas of activity

The aim of CECA, as the employers' association for savings banks and institutions, is to represent the associated institutions that are bound by the Savings Banks and Financial Institutions Collective Agreement, with its main objectives being:

  • The representation of the companies in the state collective agreement for the sector of the savings banks and companies of financial of saving, that at the end of 2020 has more than 68,000 employees.
  • To carry out economic, social and labour studies on all matters regarding working relationships associated with the companies that are linked by Collective agreement with their employees.
  • To maintain relationships with other business organisations and to participate in institutions, organisations and associations, as well as to collaborate with Public Administrations on labour matters.

CECA adopts as a fundamental principle and standard of behaviour in its activities the most absolute respect for the personality and independence of its members.

Labour Relations Committee

The Labour Relations Committee is the representative body for its members. This Committee has the following functions:

  • To determine the position of CECA and companies associated with it in collective negotiations with union representations.
  • To develop and direct collective negotiations and to agree the signing off of the final positions reached in these negotiations.
  • To manage and carry out the follow-up of the Collective agreement's application for savings banks and financial institutions.
  • To decide the adherence to settlements and planned agreements for articles 83.2 and 3 of the Workers' statute.
  • Any other role that the Board of Directors gives it.
  • Companies can take part in the aforementioned Committee.

Associated Companies

The financial institutions linked to the Collective agreement of savings banks and financial institutions are part of the Committee of Labour Relations.

List of companies


It is very important to us to be at the disposal of our companies, as well as of the general public. Below are our contact details:

Calle Caballero de Gracia no. 28-30, 4th Floor, Madrid (28013).
Telephone: 682589821 or 606523542

Financial institutions associated with the Collective agreement of savings banks and financial institutions.