CECA is a member of

Economic and Regulatory Analysis

CECA compiles and analyses financial data on Sector associated companies and the financial system as a whole.

Its regulatory analysis specialists monitor salient points on both the national and international agenda. They analyse all legal and judicial matters which could have an impact on banking activities, providing information on initiatives (whether of a regulatory nature or any other) and are ready to act if anything goes ahead.

It also distributes communications to members which authorities want to be passed on to associations, concerning guides about their activities, the application of new standards, or requests for collaboration.

Financial statements

In accordance with Banco de España Circular 4/2004 of 22 December to credit institutions, CECA is entrusted with releasing information about public or private financial information regulations, standard financial statements, and the publication of public financial statements of each and every one of its associated companies, all of which are published on its website in pdf and XBRL format.

Financial regulations

We have a specific website detailing all regulations and standardisation projects relating to the financial sector (national, European Union, and international) as well as interbank regulations.