“Financial education for a period of paradigms” change will be the title of the IV Congress of Financial Education that the project Edufinet will celebrate the next 17, 18 and 19 November.

In this occasion the type will be mixed; in person, with the health constraints that they prevail at the time of the celebration, and online, since will be broadcasted live because of the service channel of Youtube of Edufinet.

More than 20 experts, between them, representatives of the Banco de España, of the National Fee of the Share market (CNMV), CECA, Analysts Spanish Institute Financial and his Fundación, Economic Analysts of Andalusia, of Universities as that one of Málaga, Valencia, From Alcalá de Henares of Madrid, of Buckingham, and of lawyer' offices, consultancy firm and other financial institutions, during fourteen sessions and four tables talk will analyse the role of the financial education in this paradigm shift period.

With respect to the congressional general aims, emphasise the serve knitted of meeting between different agents involved or interested in the financial education; analyse its current situation to identify interest trends and points, and put in common knowledge and experiences.

On Wednesday 17 November, our director of Communication-relationships External and Sustainability, Monica Malo, will participate in the meeting, in which will be part of the entitled “round table The role of the financial education: 2021-2030” together with Fernando Tejada of Banco de España, Gloria Caballero of CNMV (Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores), and Eugenio José Luque Domínguez, dean of the University of Malaga.