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  • Jueves, 10:38:32, 2016
  • Funcas

(Cecabank) Funcas- Spain´s economy and financial sector: What to expect in the new legislative term

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por CECA

London, March 3rd, 2016. On behalf of Funcas, we would like to invite you to a presentation of the latest January issue of our publication, Spanish Economic and Financial Outlook (SEFO), which will focus on Spain´s economy and financial sector -what to expect in the new legislative term.

As you know, at end-December last year, Spain´s general elections yielded a historical, yet inconclusive result. Over the coming months, various political parties will attempt to build coalitions to govern the country. In the meantime, political uncertainty coexists with the ongoing economic recovery and return to financial stability.

In this context, the January SEFO provides first-hand insights from a local perspective on some of the complex challenges facing the Spanish economy and financial sector today, as well as over the medium to longer-term horizon.

Specifically, we examine: prospects for ongoing economic recovery, upcoming key developments to watch in the financial sector, the impact of an EM slowdown, progress on the fiscal consolidation process, the economic impact of ageing, and growth prospects and limitations for the services sector, among other key topics affecting the situation and outlook for Spain.

We look forward to seeing you there.


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